[PD] get data from mp3 files

Peter P. peterparker at fastmail.com
Sat Apr 4 17:21:17 CEST 2015

* João Pais <jmmmpais at gmail.com> [2015-04-04 07:24]:
> Hello,
> I couldn't find an answer for this, so I doubt there is one: I have 100s
> of mp3 files, from which I needed to extract data - namely name, and
> duration. 
Would that be file name, or artist name?

> As I can tell, there isn't any object that does this, e.g. like
> [ext13/wavinfo] (hopefully I'm wrong).
> Does anyone has an elegant solution for this? 
On Linux I'd simply run the sox or soxi command from the command line:
soxi *.mp3
and save its output to a textfile.
Afaik sox is available for Windows as well, perhaps take a look at

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