[PD] multiple identical soundcard and audioadddev

Cyrille Henry ch at chnry.net
Wed Apr 8 10:58:25 CEST 2015


i'm trying to use pd with 2 almost identical soundcard (edirol ua-1x and behringer uca222). They both works with aplay.
On pd, the audio setting menu offer 2 "USB Audio CODEC", when selecting the 1st or the 2nd, only the 1st soundcard is used. so i can't select both on the same time.

i tried starting pd with
pd -noprefs -alsa -audioadddev hw:1,0
but : Couldn't find audio input device: hw:1,0
i don't really understand what device name i should use for audioadddev option.

So : how could i use 2 identical soundcard, and how to use the new audioadddev option?

using pd 46.6 / ubuntu linux 14.04


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