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Summer 2015 Digital Music Workshop, Robert Normandeau
Last chance to register and apply for scholarship, by April 16th


This summer, I will have the pleasure to teach the Digital Music Workshop at the Orford Academy from May 31 to June 13. You can find more information on the academy website: Orford Academy.
The workshop will consist on working on a personal composition project on sound spatialisation under a dome of speakers: 24 speakers from the Université de Montréal dome of speakers. The participants will have the chance to have access to the speakers' dome 24h a day during the two weeks, experimenting with the tools developed at UdeM, Octogris2 and ZirkOSC2.
Plus we will have two special guests during these two weeks: Adam Basanta and Eldad Tsabary:

The deadline to apply is April 16, 2015 and scholarships are still available for some workshops. There are only a few days left!
And the exchange rate is pretty good fro strangers at the moment!!!
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. You can also direct your questions to the Orford Academy staff by sending an email:admissions at arts-orford.org.
Best wishes,

Robert Normandeau
Vice-doyen aux études en création et technologie
Professeur titulaire de composition électroacoustique
Faculté de musique, B-660, 343-6111 poste 3486
Université de Montréal

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