[PD] pd in a eurorack modular system

Pagano, Patrick pat at digitalworlds.ufl.edu
Tue Apr 14 01:52:27 CEST 2015


I am building my first modualr system with a little grant money i got for research. For the first 1000$ i got a beginner Pittsburgh Modular system and one envelope module. FOr the second 1000$ to complete the grant i am considering


The nebulae says it will run custom Csound and pd code which i find very intriguing.

i would LOVE to buid a patch with about 3 simple effects that are not in the traditional analog modular world a sample and hold and a simple RM





Ring Mod

and be able to toggle through the effects. It says it runs pd-vanilla

Has anyone on the list seen/used or can confrim that the code actually runs properly

I have been searching through the web and Muffwiggler and i have not seen any proof of it running so i am skeptical but still curious

before i lunk down 400+4 i want it to run my patches or at least a detailed how to

please let me know if you have any experience with it.

Patrick Pagano B.S, M.F.A
Audio and Projection Design Faculty
Digital Worlds Institute
University of Florida, USA
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