[PD] [OT]: Gitorious closing down.. alternatives, suggetions, experiences

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I agree. As with any Git repo, you should be able to create a new empty one, then add it as a remote on your local machine, and push to it. Commit history etc will all go there. The migration tool is probably for wiki, user access, etc info not actually related to Git itself.

Also, to answer "Just use GitHub which 'everyone else' (TM) uses and forget it?” Yes, basically. But you don’t have to, it just seems finding projects there is easier. I think 2010 was around the last time I visited Gitorious. As the whole PR system is very nice. I have all my open source stuff there and a private Git setup on my webhost. I don’t pay for their private repos.

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> Lorenzo,
> If you don't try to use the migration tool and just clone to a local repository and then clone back into your new host, does that also mess up the history?
> Surely git by itself doesn't screw up.
> Phil

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