[PD] earplug~

Gilberto Agostinho gilbertohasnofb at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 20 20:51:13 CEST 2015

Hi all,

Thanks for all the replies. Here are my comments:

On 20/04/15 09:52, Etienne Landon wrote:
> I'm not sure you need to smooth the angle, if you have a look at the 
> hrtf set (http://sound.media.mit.edu/KEMAR.html) it only has 5 degrees 
> precision in yaw and 10 degrees in elevation. So if I'm not wrong your 
> smoothing as no effect.

Even if its precision is that low I hear audible clicks when I feed 
numbers without smoothing them with line. If I simply connect a number 
box to it and I use my mouse to scroll up and down the numbers 
relatively fast, I hear very clearly some unwanted artifacts.

On 20/04/15 10:12, Òscar Martínez Carmona wrote:
> My experience with earplug was that the external itself does the 
> interpolation for you and there's no need to use line to avoid clicks. 
> Feeding it directly with and angle with decimals works just fine. Also 
> even using this 5 degrees resolutio, due to the interpolation I guess, 
> it feels really smooth.

Same as above. The interpolation done by the object works well up to a 
certain limit, but if you are feeding a lot of values and if the changes 
are large enough, the clicks will be heard.

On 20/04/15 10:14, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
> unwrap consecutive angles to make sure that the (naïve) difference
> (=abs(x1-x0)) between the two angles is always <=180°. (so when going
> from 170° to -170°, you unwrap the second value to 190°)
> then [line].
> (so you get steps: 170..180..190 rather than 170..0..-170)
> than wrap the result back to 0°..360° (if that's beeded by [earplug~]).
I think I understand what you propose. I will try to implement this and 
see how it goes.

Thank you all for the help, I really appreciate it.


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