[PD] [Bulk] pd in a eurorack modular system

Simon Wise simonzwise at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 10:09:19 CEST 2015

On 21/04/15 07:42, Pagano, Patrick wrote:
> I figured that would be what i would need to do
> run pd with -nogui and arduino stuff that Hans wrote for the potentiometer control
> a simple toggle on the faceplate that switches between maybe 5 patches that are unavailable in traditional analogia
> 1.) Phase Locking vocoder
> 2.) Granular synthesis
> 3.) FFT of some sort
> 4.) Sample and Hold, still need a patch that takes in a live osc~
> 5.) a waveform patch that loads a simple osc~/phasor for RIngMod/Am/FM etc...
> The other issue is that the raspi that i have does NOT have a line in, only a line out for sound
> i bought a little USB soundblaster card for that to see if i can get audio in to a ADC~

One of the cards using the digital audio interfaces is probably a better idea, 
to avoid all the very poor USB on the RPi.

I've used the Wolfson ones and they have proved very reliable (the main issue 
for me is that I can't use them directly from the GPU since I can't set them as 
the default output ... but via alsa from userspace they are great). They take a 
bit of setting up (a custom kernel which works fine with raspbian wheezy at 
least, plus a few scripts) but then are very flexible and control-able via alsa, 
including the ability to choose which audio clocks to use.

The version for the older models ...

There are also versions for the + models using the 40pin breakout.

There are also cards which have fewer in-out options but they are probably 
easier to use, I have not tried them ....



I have some notes from a project here that may help setting the wolfsons up, a 
bit rambling but do have some useful info ...


there is apparently a recently updated kernel for raspbian wheezy here ...


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