[PD] block~ and subpatching

Jacopo Lovatello jacopolovatello at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 17:35:58 CEST 2015

Hi guys, I've got a doubt about [block~]:
I must create an oversampled oscillator that I'm going to filter with an
antialiasing filter.

I can't put [block~] where I've got my [phasor~] object, because, in that
case, I'm going to oversample also other parameters that I don't want to
oversample (like frequency and other stuff that is specified as an audio
signal), so I thought to put the filter and [block~] in a subpatch like
[pd aa] <- in that I oversample and filter

My doubt is:
By doing so I have an oversampled oscillator or an oscillator sampled at
44.1KHz (with aliasing caused by that frequency) that later I'm going to
oversample in vain? ('cause I already have aliasing in it?)
Thanks and sorry for the bad english.
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