[PD] externals in lua

Claude Heiland-Allen claude at mathr.co.uk
Sat Jul 4 19:07:54 CEST 2015

Hi Forrest,

On 04/07/15 17:43, Forrest Curo wrote:
> When I use the example lreceive.pd_lua to produce [lreceive poo], it won't
> receive.
> Messages from [lsend poo] and [send poo] are both picked up by [r poo], but
> the lreceive just sits there.
> Anyone have a guess what's going on?

[lreceive] actually binds a number of receives, named with a prefix. 
For example:

[lreceive poo 42 3]

is more like

[r poo42] [r poo43] [r poo44]
  |         |         |
[t a b]   [t a b]   [t a b]
  | [42(    | [43(    | [44(
  |  |      |  |      |  |
(each pair is sent out from the 2 outlets of [lreceive])

The start (here 42) and count (here 3) both default to 1, so just to 
test that it's working try [s poo1].

Anyway, the examples I wrote weren't originally meant to be used as 
standalone objects (perhaps that was a mistake), but more as examples of 
how to use different parts of the pdlua API - you can read the source 
code of the .pd_lua examples (which are plain text) to guide you when 
writing your own objects, or just to see how they work.


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