[PD] [filterview~]. Was: Wavesel~ external preview available as deken-type distribution.

Fred Jan Kraan fjkraan at xs4all.nl
Tue Jul 7 08:05:04 CEST 2015

Hi Alexandre,

Thank you :-).

Hans once made [filterview~] which looks very much like [filtergraph~]
(https://github.com/pd-projects/filterview). It is already on my list to
look at. I am not sure executable versions are available, but I could
put those in deken-space too. There are rumoured to be issues with
[filterview~], it would be nice to know these.


Fred Jan

On 2015-07-07 07:35 AM, Alexandre Torres Porres wrote:
> Just wanna say good luck :) a [cyclone/waveform~] would be nice.
> how about a [filtergraph~]? I guess I could help with that.
> cheers
> 2015-07-06 5:55 GMT-03:00 Fred Jan Kraan <fjkraan at xs4all.nl
> <mailto:fjkraan at xs4all.nl>>:
>     Hi,
>     At the moment a preview version of the wavesel~ object is available via
>     the deken download tool. Wavesel~ is an incomplete clone of the Max
>     waveform~ object.
>     I tried to make this using the gcanvas interface, using ggee/gcanvas as
>     code base. It is probably my poor implementation, but it doesn't work
>     very well. Another reason could be that drawing a lot via Tk is not a
>     very good idea.
>     Occasionally it is really slow, and switching on the refresh ([buftime
>     1000() is a sure way to hang pd in some minutes.
>     The current plan is to rebuild it using the CicmWrapper, so no updates
>     are planned on this version.
>     But for the very brave the current version is available for Windows,
>     MacOSX and (PC-)Linux. All packages include the source too. The help
>     patch expects the cyclone/wave~ object to be present.
>     It also uses the to-be-announced Makefile.pdlibbuilder build system
>     (included).
>     Greetings & have fun,
>     Fred Jan
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