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Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 10 05:00:33 CEST 2015

On 07/04/2015 01:49 AM, Pierre Guillot wrote:
> > I can't find the screenshot atm, but you had a message box with the
> >selector "path" in it, followed by a series of numbers.
> >What does that message do?
> I don't really understand the question but I think this is my mistake, I didn't notice how the functions were displayed :

Yeah, the C code looks like a fairly typical 2d API.  I was just 
referring to what I saw in the screenshot, with message boxes
I assume you were using to draw a mustache on Mona Lisa in the running 
instace of Pd.  But I probably misunderstood what
you were doing.

> The wrapper offers a layer structure called *t_elayer *that owns a set of
> points.
> First we create a layer for a t_ebox (GUI object) :
> ebox_start_layer(t_ebox *x, t_symbol* name, float width, float height)
> To create a path, you can use several functions :
> egraphics_move_to(t_elayer *g, float x, float y),
> egraphics_line_to(t_elayer *g, floatx, float y),
> egraphics_curve_to(t_elayer*g, float ctrl1x, float ctrl1y, float ctrl2x, float ctrl2y, float endx, float endy),
> ect...
> The functions append points to the t_elayer.
> Before drawing all the paths, we apply the matrix transformations and mark
> the layer ready to be drawn :

Just curious-- in the features you mention translate and rotate, but not 
scale and skew.  Is there a reason for that?

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