[PD] questions about [send]/[receive]

Cyrille Henry ch at chnry.net
Mon Jul 13 22:51:50 CEST 2015


snd/receive react just like a simple connection.

t b b b
      print bang1
   send foo
print bang3

receive foo
print bang2

will print

whatever the receiver position.

if you got 1 send and 2 receive , execution order of the receives is undefined.

with 2 send / 1 receive : 1 send is 1st received.


Le 13/07/2015 22:39, rolfm at dds.nl a écrit :
> hi list,
> to not make a maze of a complicated patch
> i use quite often send/receive objects inside the patch.
> triggered by the recent thread about execution order and depth-first,
> i'm starting to doubt the above mentioned habit.
> in an much older thread it is said that:
>   apart from the "right to left" rule for outlets (and inlets?)
> and the "depth first" rule,
> execution order in Pd is not defined.
> does it mean that there's nothing to say/know about send/receive's?
> for example:
> when 2 different [send A]'s go to the same [receive A] will there be used a "first-in first-out" procedure?
> [send]/[receive]'s inside a subpatch are they handled before [send]/[receive]'s which 'cross the border' of the subpatch?
> any info about Pd's 'stack handling' is also appreciated.
> rolf
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