[PD] LibXtract for Pd?

James Bullock James.Bullock at bcu.ac.uk
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On 15 July 2015 at 11:57:17, katja (katjavetter at gmail.com<mailto:katjavetter at gmail.com>) wrote:

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for your response. I cloned the repo to see the history, and
noticed a tendency of simplification: FFTW replaced by Ooura,
autotools build system replaced by makefiles. Nice! In fact the whole
library looks much simpler than one would expect for the given
functionality. Even the Pd and MaxMSP wrappers were amazingly small
and simple files.

Thanks. It’s good to know my attempts to “keep it simple” are appreciated :)

For a library so systematic as LibXtract it makes sense to avoid
wrapper code duplication. But will the extra complexity and overhead
of Flext be justified in the case of these two wrapper externals plus
corresponding makefiles?

Do you mean runtime overhead or maintenance overhead? I’ve never set out to measure the runtime overhead of Flext, but my impression is that it’s insignificant and certainly I’ve never noticed it. But if there is evidence suggesting otherwise, I’d be interested to know about it.

In terms of maintenance / build complexity, since commit 73bd8015 Flext is greatly simplified (through the use of C++ templates), requiring only a single header include; no more building and link static libraries! This means to support a flext external only two steps are needed: 1. add the Flext repository as a git submodule, 2. include flext.h

If the build system is your main concern,
there may be a way to use a helper makefile like this for the Pd
external and adapt (arguments for) it to build the MaxMSP version:

I guess my concern is that I’m planning to move _all_ of my externals over to Flext so I only have one API to think about. I would therefore need a compelling reason to make an exception.

BTW, I’m planning to support a wider range of F0 detection methods, including at some point your own Helmholtz algorithm.



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