[PD] no multichannel output with windows 8 and motu 828 mk 3 hybrid

Фывапр Олджэвич tofuckof at inbox.ru
Sun Jul 19 08:26:55 CEST 2015

 Hi !

Pd-extended 42.5 on windows 8 with motu 828 mk3 hybrid via usb. The motu works fine with Max and Reaper. I can play all the 8 channels and even more via adat.
 In PureData it can't open multichannel anyhow. 

Everything is like here:  http://forum.pdpatchrepo.info/topic/3988/audio-settings-for-multichannel-with-motu-828-mk3

When i try Motu ASIO - it does not work. I tried Asio4All : while again it works with motu via Reaper, with PD i get nothing out. 

Researched the issue. Found no help. So i write here. Any help please. thanks. 

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