[PD] Why does cross synthesis with [expr~] sound much better than [poltocar~]?

Reed Perkins reedperkins32 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 20:11:46 CEST 2015

Hello list,

I am trying my hand at some basic FFT stuff. I am designing a cross
synthesis patch (see attached) where the amplitude from one signal is
combined with the phase of another signal and fed into [rifft~].

The problem is that the polar to cartesian conversion using [poltocar~]
sounds really bad. I worked out the trig formulas for what is going on, and
found that using [expr~] to handle to polar to cartesian conversion sounds
much better.

Although I am happy with the [expr~] results, I am worried that I am not
using [poltocar~] correctly, or understanding how to use it.The help files
are very vague when it comes to the FFT objects in pd, so I was wondering
if someone here could enlighten me as to what I'm doing wrong.

Thanks and have an awesome day!

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