[PD] Can't input tilde on my Ubuntu

Roman Haefeli reduzent at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 10:41:31 CEST 2015

On Tue, 2015-07-28 at 01:09 +0200, s p wrote:

> Somehow my Ubuntu refuses to input tilde in pd.
> It works a couple of times when I start pd, then it just simply won't
> input any character ... Any idea what could be the problem? This is
> really annoying.

No idea, sorry. But I experience similar problems and I may add some
more details. 

When I start pd, I usually can type tilde characters. After switching to
another application and then back to Pd, I can't type tildes anymore in
Pd. And there seems to be no way to restore tilde-typing ability until I
restart Pd. Actually, it is not only the tilde character, but all
characters of the same key cannot be typed anymore (^,`,~). On a Swiss
German layout it is the key left of back space. 

After the problem has been triggered, [keyname] still shows the correct
characters, while [key] only outputs 0 for ^, ` and ~.

This problem occurs only on one of two machines with similar setup:

#1: Ubuntu 14.04 i386, Pd 0.46.6 from git, Intel graphics driver
   -> Problem can be triggered

#2: Ubuntu 14.04 i383, Pd 046.6 from git, Nvidia proprietary driver
   -> Problem cannot be triggered

I mention graphics drivers specifically, because there were some reports
about Pd crashing X11 while typing in certain Ubuntu setups with Intel
drivers. Maybe this problem is related.


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