[PD] comport rxerrors on W10

rolfm at dds.nl rolfm at dds.nl
Wed Oct 7 07:47:17 CEST 2015

thx Iohannes for looking into it.

what i do to test it:

in PD: [comport 3 9600] - [print]

in Arduino:
in setup:Serial.begin(9600)
in loop: Serial.println("z"); delay(3000);

more simple it cannot be, i thought.

using the serial monitor of the Arduino IDE the z's are printed.

Pd gives the RXerrors (10 of them).

when i unplug the cable there's no reaction from [comport].

when i do [close( the following 3 lines are printed:

[comport] ** ERROR ** couldn't reset params to DCB of device COM3

[comport] Couldn't reset old_timeouts for serial device
[comport] closed COM3

IOhannes wrote:
> note, that virtual serial-ports on the client are forwarded to network
> on the host, so no actual serial hardware is involved.
> it shouldn't make a difference for the client though.

i'm not sure what this should tell me.
my reasoning is that when my virtual XP doesn't have this problem,
it's the combination of [comport] & W10 at fault.

(the Arduino on it's own IDE works fine:
driver and hardware are apparantly ok).

IOhannes wrote:
> i just tested [comport] on a virtual W10 (running on a Debian host),

so your host is Debian, mine is W10.
which tells what?


PS i installed a fresh copy of Pd-ext 43.4

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