[PD] Strange behaviour when sending sinesum commands to arrays

Benoît Fortier benoitfortier at yahoo.ca
Wed Oct 7 21:06:12 CEST 2015

Hi list, I’m working on a big patch. I have many audio I/O error and audio glitch and I’m having a hard time finding why. I’ve done some extensive troubleshooting yesterday but couldn’t pin point the exact cause. I managed to narrow my problem down to what I find is a weird behaviour (at least for me!) with arrays being filled with the sinesum method. Here are some more details
Basically my patch is a big synth. It has a bank of 50 arrays. Those arrays are storing waveforms (using sinesum) which are read by a bank of 300 « voices » (each using the tabread4~ object). When a « note in » message is received, the patch first sends a sinesum command to an unused array. Then, the array id is sent in the voice bank along with the « note in » message so that it can be dealt with accordingly by an individual voice using a tabread4~ object. The sinesum part of this process happens only if necessary : if many consecutive notes uses the same waveform, then the different voices dealing with those notes will all read the same array and no sinesum command is sent until the waveform changes. 
The problem starts when all arrays have been sent a first sinesum command and start receiving a second one to replace the first waveform, which is not used anymore. (To make that happen quickly I can set my patch to always send a sinesum command to a new array for every « note in » so that I quickly reach a point when all the arrays were sent a first sinesum) The weird behaviour is this : the first 50 notes sounds just fine (the same number , with no I/O errors, but the 51st note and upward almost all provoque I/O errors and audio glitch, no matter how many voices are playing at the same time. It’s like if the first time each arrays are sent a sinesum command they load just fine, but it mysteriously takes much more cpu to send a second (third, fourth… ) sinesum command to each of them, thus provoking the audio glitch. I’ve managed to reproduce the problem with various simplified version of my patch.
Does that ring a bell to anyone? If not I’ll soon make a simplified and clear version of my patch so that my problem is emphasized and I’ll post it here. To the best of my knowledge and after a lot of testing, I believe my voice management system and my array management system is not part of the problem (for example, I believe no arrays are changed while being read by a tabread4~).
Thank you all for your helpfulness!
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