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for cross platform installer,

check chdh 's work egregore
and download it
you can be inspired by the way the distribute puredata with their setup

2015-10-15 12:56 GMT+02:00 Jérôme Abel <abel.jerome at free.fr>:

> Hi Pd lovers,
> After some months of work, the _Reso-nance Numerique_ team is happy to
> share you the 0.9 beta version of the Malinette project.
> The Malinette is a software and a hardware set. The software part is
> mainly two things:
> - a set of objects to learn Pure Data easily for children, students,
> artists, ...;
> - a framework to help you programming interactivity.
> The website is quite outdated but you can watch the video on the home page
> : http://reso-nance.org/malinette
> It would be nice to have some comments, feedbacks of the beta version,
> that you can find here :
> https://git.framasoft.org/resonance/malinette/repository/archive.zip?ref=master
> Note that we are using Pd-extended, we need all these libraries :
> initbang, Gem, zexy, cyclone, moonlib, moocow, hcs, tof, comport, iemlib,
> iemnet or oscx or mrpeach, motex, ggee, list-abs, mapping
> If you never tried the Malinette, you can find some features here :
> http://reso-nance.org/malinette/en/software/features
> And here, all the objects :
> http://reso-nance.org/malinette/en/software/abstractions/home
> To go further, we would like to discuss with any Pd developers about two
> big issues : an easy cross-platform installer for all libraries and a way
> to have some patchs in one window.
> The first issue is very important because we make workshops in high school
> or universities and they don't have Linux, so we are using the Pd-Extended
> installer which is very great. But as I can see in this mailing list it is
> out of date now. Some people are working on it, is there a workgroup on
> this issue ? I would like to know more about this and help as I can. Maybe
> we could find some money to pay someone if we can't find another way, if
> anyone is interested...
> Also, I think, on this issue, we could organize an _online Master Class :
> Pd Installer_ and go deeply in building Pure Data to know all problems and
> ideas.
> The second issue is about controlling windows and GUI. If we could make
> something like that, it would be really great :
> http://reso-nance.org/wiki/_media/projets/malinette/interface-pd-malinette-fenshu.png
> Best,
> ----
> Jerome
> http://reso-nance.org
> http://jeromeabel.net
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