[PD] FUDI between pd and xwindows client

patrice colet colet.patrice at free.fr
Sun Oct 18 17:09:32 CEST 2015

I didn't understand anything, so this might not give answer, if you are 
looking for a mandelbox interface there is mandelbulb, but it's kinda 
some billions light years away puredata's topics.

Le 18/10/2015 07:25, Billy Stiltner a écrit :
> searching for xlib and tcp mostly brings up info about ssh to remote x 
> server or similar.
> Am not finding any info about how to program sockets inside an opengl 
> and xlib program.
> Maybe I ought to read the xlib manual.  Would I just copy the u_pdsend 
> and u_pdrecieve
> functions  inside my code? Or is there tcp  sockets built in to the 
> event handling?
> Am wanting to use the nifty rapid graphical programming environment to 
> add some
> tcl/tk controls to my opengl xlib mandelbox renderer because it is 
> currently a challenge to
> translate my old gui controls to work with the xwindows event processing.
> The eventual goal is to add the zoom function and navigation in 3d for 
> my sequencer in pd.
> But first I just want to sync the pd mandelbox sequencer with the 
> opengl xlib visualization(
> so the current point that is getting sequenced in pd shows up 
> graphically by hilighting the point within the voxelspace as well as 
> plotting the orbits).
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