[PD] Coll object Was: cartopol~ and poltocar~

Fred Jan Kraan fjkraan at xs4all.nl
Mon Oct 19 19:33:44 CEST 2015

Hi Ivica,

Thanks for the patch. I will try to apply them to the new repository at
github: https://github.com/electrickery/pd-cyclone and do some testing.
Just the opportunity to try the branch feature of git :-).

> Fred Jan,
> Attached are diffs between l2ork coll.c (threaded option and another
> feature that is currently missing in Pd implementation but is present in
> Max) and another small bug-fix inside curve.c. There are more changes to
> Scope.c and comment.c but given these are gui based they are not going
> to be universally compatible (e.g. vanilla does not have accelerated
> displace with tag so that part is pointless unless there is interest in
> ifdef-ing the code.

A shared code base also has its merits, so it might be a good idea to
investigate this further at some point.
> If you can merge two patches, this will make it easier for pd-l2ork to
> keep your code as a submodule (assuming you have a git for your code).
> Best,
> Ico


Fred Jan

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