[PD] routing serial data

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Including list too

On Fri, Oct 23, 2015 at 8:01 PM, ray Y <raybuay at hotmail.com> wrote:

> the print object at the output of comport (for reference)
> yeah, that was the first thing i tried but i don't know why it does not
> work with the serial stream like it does with a normal list. i tried adding
> commas between the values in the arduino sketch but no chance of
> splitting the data into each atom in PD
[comport] spits values one by one (actually bytes, so if a value is greater
than one byte, it will be split, depending on the way you'll print it from
the Arduino - Serial.print or Serial.write). you'll have to assemble them
into a list (check help patch of [list] to see how to make a growing list),
or make a counter and bang it on every output of [comport], pack the
[comport] value with the counter value prepended and use [route].
I've made some abstractions to facilitate the communication between the
Arduino and Pd, they'll might work for you. There're here
The [serial_print] abstraction can use the comma as a value delimiter (if
you're on Pd-extended, use [serial_print_extended] instead).
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