[PD] looking for other vanilla filters or abstractions for libPD

Scott R. Looney olorin at lmi.net
Sat Oct 24 10:45:16 CEST 2015

hey folks, more of a libPD question than PD per se... i'm using libPD with
Unity for an upcoming iOS app i want to build and looking for good synth
filter alternatives. i may want to put it on the App store so using
anything with expr~ or fexpr~ is out, unfortunately. i recently ran into
the [bob~] object which seems useful and is under BSD license but initial
searches on how to compile externals in libPD have not been successful.

ideally i'd love something i could just use in vanilla, as recompiling
libPD for C# is kind of a chore for my skillset. anyone got an idea where i
might find good vanilla resonant filters not using expr~/fexpr~ compatible
with libPD? or if anyone's got info on how to include externals in libPD
for Unity, i'm curious about that too. i'm currently using the uPD
framework from Magicolo, which is building on Patrick Sebastien's
LibPD4Unity concept, allowing multiple instances of PD to be run in the

anyway, any help appreciated!
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