[PD] Building and packaging externals for android

Jose Luis Diez Antich jl.diez.antich at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 15:29:44 CET 2015

Hi all,
I need help building and packaging externals for android.

I am following [1]. So far, I have:
- added my external code "IIDgains.c" in the folder PdCore/jni.
- modified the android.mk in the same folder, and it looks like this:

include $(call all-subdir-makefiles)

LOCAL_PATH := $(call my-dir)

include $(CLEAR_VARS)
LOCAL_C_INCLUDES := $(LOCAL_PATH)/../../PdCore/jni/libpd/pure-data/src
LOCAL_LDLIBS := -L$(LOCAL_PATH)/../../PdCore/libs/$(TARGET_ARCH_ABI) -lpd

Doing that does not work, but I have not found any other information about
it. What can I do to solve it?

I do not know what they mean in "The only additional step that's needed is
to add the location of the binaries to Pd's search path, but if your
project uses PdService, you already get that for free."

What do they mean with that? What should I add more to my app in order to
make an external work in it?

Thank you

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