[PD] GEM ERROR: -50 in GraphicsExportSetOutputFile() 2nd attempt

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Nov 3 19:32:20 CET 2015

On 11/03/2015 06:04 PM, Rainer . wrote:
> What I suspect is a problem with the two graphic-cards in my laptop - one
> Intel HD 4600 and one GeForce GTX 9600M. I´ve dedicated the GeForce to pd
> in the NVIDIA system control settings....but with no effect.

more likely it has to do with the QuickTime installation on your system.

> The problem is that I dont know what GEM tries to tell me with GEM ERROR:
> -50 ...

Gem tells you that QuickTime returned an error-code "-50" when calling
GraphicsExportSetOutputFile() with your filename.
afaik, "-50" means "error in user parameter list" (whatever *that* means).

try raising verbosity (both by adding "-v" to the startup flags and by
setting the loglevel in the Pd-window to "all"), and see if it gives you
more info.


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