[PD] looking for other vanilla filters or abstractions for libPD

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Sat Nov 7 21:08:09 CET 2015

Shahrokh is working on a new release of the expr family of objects (0.5)

I'm copying him here, and I wouldn't know what his restrictions or issues
would be regarding the license. Maybe if properly discussed with him, we
could find a way to choose a license that is suitable for the libpd apps.

I agree that expr is essencial and such limitation would be bad for Pd apps.


2015-11-07 17:24 GMT-02:00 Scott R. Looney <scottrlooney at gmail.com>:

> thanks Jonathan. this is what i assumed re LGPL when i saw a discussion
> about using fluidsynth in a build, which has a LGPL variant but not
> anything more permissive. so one question would be if anyone here on the
> list had a paid app rejected or accepted on the App Store due to using an
> LGPL license? expr and expr~ are very useful for a variety of things but
> for now i'm not using them due to this offchance.
> i would further guess that FSF's exact words on LGPL were probably pretty
> dark on using the iTunes Store in general. i've seen some announcements
> from them in the past that made it clear how they feel about walled gardens.
> best,
> scott
> On Sat, Nov 7, 2015 at 9:18 AM, Jonathan Wilkes via Pd-list <
> pd-list at lists.iem.at> wrote:
>> > As of about 2 years ago, expr and relatives are LGPL and thus
>> compatible with the App Store.
>> I emailed the Free Software Foundation, who are the publishers of the
>> LGPL.  They responded
>> that the LGPL is not compatible with the restrictive terms of Apple's app
>> store.
>> I forgot to ask them in advance if I could publicly post their response.
>> If they say I can do so, I'll post their actual response.  But it
>> sounded pretty clear.
>> I suppose one could argue if it's a free app then who cares, and that the
>> copyright holders of expr (or even Apple) are extremely unlikely to create
>> a licensing fuss.    But then that's the case whether expr is GPL, LGPL, or
>> even "don't use this to murder people with drones" license.
>> If you want to write/use open source software that's compatible with
>> Apple's app store, use
>> the 3-clause BSD license.
>> -Jonathan
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