[PD] Pd-list Digest, Vol 128, Issue 26

Shahrokh Yadegari sdy at ucsd.edu
Mon Nov 9 17:29:05 CET 2015

I am happy to report that IRCAM has agreed to release the original expr
code under BSD license, and I am more than glad to transfer all the expr
family objects under BSD license as well.

Miller, please advise as to what would be the best path to this change over
in the sources. I should have 0.5 ready in early december in which I can
put new legal wordings; in the meanwhile we can switch over the older
version as well for those needing it now.


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> I am happy to distribute expr/expr~/fexpr~ objects on BSD license. The
> original expr code that I wrote at IRCAM, was made available as GLP by
> IRCAM, and later they were kind enough to change that to LGPL. They may be
> fine with BSD as well. I will ask and find out.
> best,
> Shahrokh

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