[PD] libPd timing issue, seemingly caused by processing multiple 'ticks' of audio blocks.

i go bananas hard.off at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 02:18:58 CET 2015

We're trying to implement various sync options in an iOS libPd-based app,
and have run across a noticeable drift in the timing.  The app uses 8
'ticks' of 64 samples for faster devices, and 16 ticks for slower ones.
Basically what this means, is that messages are only being processed on
these larger multi-block boundaries of 512 or 1024 samples.  And that's not
good enough for keeping timing tight.

Of course, the first question is:  Has anyone already made a workaround to
this issue???

Or does anyone know of a way to make sure libPd processes messages with
proper timing, even with the 'ticks' value set quite high?

I have an idea for adding time delay messages to clock signals...so that
they can be sent through a [pipe] in pd to arrive at the correct time
during the block processing. But it looks quite tricky to implement, and
i'll wait to see if there is maybe a better solution first.

cheers, Matt
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