[PD] ALSA loopback and Pd

Jack jack at rybn.org
Sat Nov 14 14:49:00 CET 2015


I try to use ALSA loopback (snd-loop) with Pd. To route the output of an
application to the input of Pd.

Using :
$ aplay -D hw:1,1,2 blabla.wav
$ arecord -D hw:1,0,2 | aplay
works fine with ALSA loop.

But, if i want to use Pd (with ALSA -> input device 1 (Loopback hardware
or plugin) -> Apply -> OK) instead of arecord, I get :
tried but couldn't sync A/D/A
in Pd console.

Anyone succeed to use Pd with ALSA loopback ?
I miss something ?


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