[PD] Font Options

Thomas WillNot 113781w at acadiau.ca
Thu Nov 19 18:02:27 CET 2015


I am new to Pure Data, and am having trouble with text display. The default 
display settings are a very small font size and font smoothing is not 
handled properly, so if I have my system settings using the "standard" font 
smoothing method, which is to use normal greyscale smoothing at large point 
sizes, then this is not respected. From some research and messing around, I 
have found that the default font is DejaVu sans, which is illegible at small 
sizes and not nice looking or readable unless scaled to 24 point, so I 
deleted it from my computer and it's now falling back to Courier thank 

I saw there are some font-related command-line options since there is only a 
menu for font size. I have no idea how to run these however. I am running Pd 
on Microsoft Windows.

In the mean time, I have font smoothing completely disabled system wide, but 
I'd like to turn the standard font smoothing back on again because it is 
really essential for a lot of Web sites using nonstandard fonts these days.

Using Pd-Extended (since it doesn't bold the font automatically unlike 
vanilla Pd) I'd like to change the font to something nice and readable like 


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