[PD] 64 bit audio?

Christof Ressi christof.ressi at gmx.at
Sat Nov 28 11:36:34 CET 2015

Precision matters a lot when using indexes, e.g. for reading large audiofiles (which can have a couple of million samples).
This has been discussed a lot already in the past (also see katjaas page http://www.katjaas.nl/doubleprecision/doubleprecision.html). Miller introduced a right inlet for [tabread~] and [tabread4~] a while ago, which fixes a couple of problems, although you often have to fiddle around because you can only set it a message rate. Note, however, that [tabplay~] doesn't suffer from these problems because the indexing is handled internally.


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not much attention here, but here's an anser from the SC list about their discussion in porting the audio server to 64 bits

"The biggest advantage of higher resolution is in things like filter loops, but most SC UGens already do 64 bit calculations internally where that’s appropriate"
I guess it makes sense, 32 bit is more than enough for dealing with audio signals/amplitudes.
So I assume Pd won't likely bother to become 64 bits like Max did for similar reasons, and maybe just think "internal 64 bit calculations" sooner or later, or does that already happen?
2015-11-25 4:26 GMT-02:00 Alexandre Torres Porres <porres at gmail.com>:

This may already have been discussed on the list I guess, but I wonder if there's any plan to have Pd running audio (and control) signals at 64 bit audio in the near coming future.
I know there's a version you can compile with double precision for a while now, and I'm just wondering if we should naturally expect that this will eventually happen as a default, because that is the natural course to go, or "not at all"...
One way or another, I was hoping for some explanation why it would likely and naturally go towards a 64 bit resolution or not (technical issues / pros & cons).
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