[PD] [partconv~] wont compile on x86_64??

jamal crawford threen52 at ml1.net
Mon Feb 1 23:20:30 CET 2016

Hi again and thanks for the fast reply IOhannes!

>"-fPIC" is a compiler/linker flag that you need to pass when building
>for amd64. Edit the makefile to add these flags (look out for CFLAGS
>and LDFLAGS). Then rerun "make".

that worked :) and it loads and sounds well with impulses, but still
complains with: An operation on the array 'irL' in the patch 'irL'
failed since it uses garray_getfloatarray while running 64-bit!

>However i'm pretty sure that the bsaylor lib in svn already uses these
>flags...where did you download it from?

i found it here http://puredata.info/author/bensaylor i cant seem to
find bsaylors svn anywhere

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