[PD] Cleaned patch for Jupiter

Maxence Larrieu m at larri.eu
Fri Feb 5 17:17:12 CET 2016


I am working on Jupiter patch which is present in the Pd Repertory Project
[1]. The problem is that this original patch (maybe the one which have the
longest history since it starts in 1987 ;) is not fully functional. For
example one synthesis named "chapo" do not outputs signal (see [2] in pd
forum) and few tables needed in the patch are empty ( goobers, expo.tab,
fto4.t, dist.t).

I would like to make a functionnal patch, and to make it as readeable as
I need help for "debugging", and understand what it should do.
If some of you are interested let me know so we can work together.

I share the last "cleaned patch" version there, with all depedencies (lib,
abstraction, sounds) :

You can find a readme file (editable) + an error list (not exhaustive)
there :

I hope some of you will be interested,
Maxence Larrieu


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