[PD] freeverb~ problem

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Sat Feb 6 06:20:41 CET 2016


I've encountered a new issue with freeverb~. I am having a hard time 
isolating the source as it happens so sporadically (although it is 
always linked with the sudden drop in input and possibly a low frequency 
impulse) but it does not seem like it is a denormal problem because when 
it happens, I get a small burst of noise followed by nothing even though 
CPU is not getting pegged. The rest of the patch works fine but the 
freeverb is for all intents and purposes dead. It does not do anything 
until it is deleted and recreated. Any ideas what may be the cause of 
this? In the said example I only use one input (left). Could that have 
to do something with it? The object is compiled on 64-bit Linux with -O2 
optimizations (IIRC).


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