[PD] arduino ProMicro problem with no. "13" coming in as "10" (Ubuntu 11.10)

Ingo ingo at miamiwave.com
Sat Feb 6 15:00:19 CET 2016


I'm having a strange problem with the transmission of my Arduino ProMicro
MIDI interface on Ubuntu 11.10 (kernel 3.13).

It shows up as ttyacm0 in the system.

Every number "13" that I transmit which could be controller number "13" or a
value like program change "13" comes in as number "10".

I suppose it is being recognized as a carriage return (13) which is being
executed and then followed by a line feed (10) that actually gets
transmitted to the [comport] object for some reason.

Does anybody have an idea how to fix this?
Is there a ttyacm.conf (or similar) somewhere in the system that I could
edit for a normal (non modem) behavior?
Or can I set up the arduino to show up as a different device other than

On my other operating system everything is working fine with the same
arduino and programming coming in as ttyacm0 - no special changes. Just
another Ubuntu 11.10 with an older (original 2.6) kernel.


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