[PD] how to share a .pd_darwin file?

i go bananas hard.off at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 10:24:46 CET 2016

i just made my first proper external, and was so super chuffed that i got
it working.

i'm on osx, so using .pd_darwin extension.

i put it in my extra folder, made a demo patch in pd, and it works fine.

only problem is, when i shared the .pd_darwin with 2 friends, it didn't
work for either of them. (i checked they had put it in the extra folder)

does anyone have an idea what might be wrong?

what sort of info can i provide to track down the issue?

i built for universal architecture.

friends are both on osx 10.10 same as me.

what could be the issue here?

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