[PD] Pd can't find its help files

Andrea andrea.txt at tiscali.it
Wed Feb 10 12:02:48 CET 2016

More findings on this problem. The -helppath option is unfortunately not
a complete solution, because Pd doesn't "dive" into the specified path's
subdirectories. So, to make it work, I'd have to issue:

	$ pd -helppath /opt/pkg/share/doc/pd/doc/5.reference

...but what if I need help from ../4.data.structures instead?

Pd seems to dive into subdirectories only when looking into its
apparently hard-coded help paths.

I worked around the issue with:

	# ln -s /opt/pkg/share/ /opt/pkg/lib/pd/

as hinted by Claude Heiland-Allen (thanks!). But this really shouldn't
be needed, IMO.

In reply to some of IOhannes m zmölnig's remarks:

> Pd-0.43???
> current Pd is Pd-0.46; 0.43 is *several* years old.

Where can I find a ChangeLog to verify that this problem was dealt with
in more recent Pd versions? I'd rather avoid compiling it "by hand" only
to find the problem's still there.

> esp, /opt/pkg/bin is *not* a standard path for Pd.

OK, but that's a Pd problem. Aside from /opt being explicitly mentioned
in hier(7), none of the software I installed in /opt has a problem with
this (except Pd). That includes Firefox, among many others. The concept
of "standard path" is actually foreign to Unix[-like systems].
Common practices, at most.

> so which is your system? suse, arch, foonix,...?

Slackware, but that is irrelevant: I didn't install Pd via Slackware's
package manager, I installed it via Pkgsrc¹ (hence the ad-hoc hierarchy).

More comments and hints are always welcome.


¹	http://www.pkgsrc.org/

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