[PD] Pd can't find its help files

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Feb 10 13:32:11 CET 2016

On 2016-02-10 12:02, Andrea wrote:
> In reply to some of IOhannes m zmölnig's remarks:
>> Pd-0.43???
>> current Pd is Pd-0.46; 0.43 is *several* years old.
> Where can I find a ChangeLog to verify that this problem was dealt with
> in more recent Pd versions? 

there is none (apart from the git history).
well, actually there is src/CHANGELOG.txt, but it seems to be hardly
ever updated.

> I'd rather avoid compiling it "by hand" only
> to find the problem's still there.

i'm pretty sure that *this* problem has not been dealt with.

but the question remains: why do you install an outdated *unsupported*
version of Pd in the first place?

>> esp, /opt/pkg/bin is *not* a standard path for Pd.
> OK, but that's a Pd problem. Aside from /opt being explicitly mentioned
> in hier(7), none of the software I installed in /opt has a problem with
> this (except Pd).

ok, i was not exact.
Pd does not care whether it is installed into /opt or /home/andrea or
however it does care for the *relative* structure of it's own paths.

so if you have a prefix=/opt and install everything into

then Pd should work without a problem.
i just tried to install it into /opt/pd (by passing the
"--prefix=/opt/pd" arg to configure) and running /opt/pd/bin/pd does
indeed work as expected.

> Slackware, but that is irrelevant: I didn't install Pd via Slackware's
> package manager, I installed it via Pkgsrc¹ (hence the ad-hoc hierarchy).

then blame pgksrc (or rather, the packager of Pd for pkgsrc) for using a
layout that is incompatible with Pd.
i'm pretty sure that any other multi-file application will break if you
make up some random filesystem layout and put the support files there
instead of into places where it doesn't know about them.

btw, i haven't been able to locate the "pd" package on the pkgsrc website.


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