[PD] Cyclone: List of Issues with existing objects by Alexandre Porres

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 01:18:14 CET 2016

Howdy, it's a known fact brazilians will start the year only after
carnival, so here I am.

I'd like to share my list of things to do with existing Cyclone Objetcs.
Obviously there might be other issues with other objects that would make
them up to date with the current version of Max (Max 7). Nonetheless, this
is what I find relevant, and I've been really checking it through.

It's only about 11 objects, some has already been discussed here and might
have been fixed or in the process to be taken care of, forgive me if so.

I have it attached and also as a link to a google doc


Next, I will get together a list of new objects I think should be included,
many of which I've already made as abstractions (kind of to show how it
works like I did with [teeth~], cause I really think they should all be
done as externals).

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