[PD] Nettles. Was: Cyclone: List of Issues with existing objects by Alexandre Porres

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Sun Feb 14 17:31:58 CET 2016

Pd namespaces and the Pd loading mechanism are too complex to change 
without a spec for both the current and proposed system.
Problems of not thinking ahead: unnecessary code duplication 
like flatspace, replacing one problem with another like one-class-per-file 
libdir, the whole svn personal-cloud-workspace-as-a-library deal in the 
first place, and so on...

For example: the one-clas-per-file-libdir is the reason you can't easily have 
externals with names like "<~" and ">~".  Internal classes are loaded by default from files that have alphanumeric names, so there it isn't a problem.  That's why 
you need to introduce another external "hexloader", and make sure it always 
loads first.  (Plus the new bother of mapping hex values to ASCII characters in 
file names, and remembering how to read those names.)

    On Sunday, February 14, 2016 10:52 AM, Ivica Bukvic <ico at vt.edu> wrote:

 What I am also trying to do eventually in pd-l2ork is weed out redundant objects and only keep the ones that do the said task the best while still supporting other objects' idiosyncrasies (if any). There is absolutely no reason to have multiple objects of the same kind. Ultimately, one could keep all the externals in the same folder and completely do away with all the declares, imports, and other things that make learning pd unnecessarily harder.-- 
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ico.bukvic.netOn Feb 14, 2016 8:40 AM, "Fred Jan Kraan" <fjkraan at xs4all.nl> wrote:

Hi Alexandre,

guess some of it is in:

This list is also becoming a list of what has been done.

As with _nettles_

"try to resurrect as independent object library"

Anyway, tell me if this gets includes on this file.

Yes, the nettles-objects are part of the latest cyclone versions. They are part of the nettles library, which can be loaded with [declare]. Not all operating systems like the '<' and '>' in the object names and there is overlap with other library objects, so only loading them when needed is cleaner.


ps. count me in for help with the help files



Fred Jan

2016-02-11 22:18 GMT-02:00 Alexandre Torres Porres <porres at gmail.com
<mailto:porres at gmail.com>>:

    Howdy, it's a known fact brazilians will start the year only after
    carnival, so here I am.

    I'd like to share my list of things to do with existing Cyclone
    Objetcs. Obviously there might be other issues with other objects
    that would make them up to date with the current version of Max (Max
    7). Nonetheless, this is what I find relevant, and I've been really
    checking it through.

    It's only about 11 objects, some has already been discussed here and
    might have been fixed or in the process to be taken care of, forgive
    me if so.

    I have it attached and also as a link to a google doc


    Next, I will get together a list of new objects I think should be
    included, many of which I've already made as abstractions (kind of
    to show how it works like I did with [teeth~], cause I really think
    they should all be done as externals).


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