[PD] Nettles. Was: Cyclone: List of Issues with existing objects by Alexandre Porres

Claude Heiland-Allen claude at mathr.co.uk
Sun Feb 14 17:57:35 CET 2016

On 14/02/16 16:37, Alexandre Torres Porres wrote:
>> hat's why you need to introduce another external
>> >"hexloader", and make sure it always loads first.
> but why don't I need this when I load the cyclone externals?

hexloader is only need for 2 cases afaict:

1. if you want an abstractions with '/' in the object name
    (not allowed by filesystems)

2. single-object externals with non-alphanumeric characters
    (not allowed in C identifiers)

multi-object libraries avoid (2) by exposing a C function 
libraryname_setup() in libraryname.pd_whatever instead of 
objectname_setup() in objectname.pd_whatever, and libraryname_setup() 
can register all the objects in the library at once (not just 

I'm guessing cyclone is a multi-object library that you load with -lib 
cyclone (or declare), so there is no need for hexloader.


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