[PD] Expr V0.5-alpha

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 05:54:05 CET 2016

> I see you'd need to create a new syntax for this, something like "set in1
> 0.4" (to set x1[0] to 0.4)
> I really need this for some applications where I'm using fexpr~ as signal
> accumulators/counters

Hmm, it occurred to me it would be nice too and also suit this need to set
the current output (perhaps that's even more elegant).

I didn't think about how you couldn't set the current output $y[0] but
that's kinda obvious, hehe.

So, yeah, maybe a syntax like set in# and out# for #th input/output set in
/ out for all inputs/outputs (as it is the standard for the other setting

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