[PD] Does Pd have a "sound"?

i go bananas hard.off at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 16:33:09 CET 2016

Kinda weird onservation, but i seriously think pd would 'sound' different
if the standard UI came with a dark background and light objects.  As a few
people have pointed out, the interface does have a noticable influence on
the user.

Also, the default 64 sample blocksize, and the relatively expensive cpu
cost of upsampling or decreasing the blocksize do have noticable impact on
the fidelity.

The filters are also very rudimentary (although, the new bob~ one looks
more promising).  Of course it is possible to write your own with the
filter primitives, but it's hard work.

Something else:  being open source, means that the info and resources are
put together by the community with nobody really comitted full time to the
job of keeping it all together.  The big commercial alternatives all have
staff employed just to herd the users together and make sure their
resources get shared as well as possible.  Pd community is a bit stuck
together with paper clips in that regard.

But on the flip side, pd's community of users is probably the single most
awesome single group of people i have ever had the fortune of being a part
of.  Whenever you get stuck with something, there's always someone to lend
a hand, and whenever you help someone else, they generally are very
And the limitations of not having a huge library of readymade techno tools,
is actually a real blessing.  In many ways, pd inspires out of the box
In many ways it's easier to set up weird interactive interfaces and
algorithmic compositions than writing boring house music.  Personally i
would call that a plus.

Sorry, know this has gone pretty far off topic.
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