[PD] pd-0.46-7: segfault with jack-1.9.10

Xavier Miller xavier.miller at cauwe.org
Wed Feb 17 10:28:36 CET 2016

IOhannes m zmoelnig <zmoelnig at iem.at> a écrit :

> On 2016-02-17 09:11, Xavier Miller wrote:
>> I have diffed the jack related source between 0.45-5 and 0.46-0.
>> I see added test on null pointers, but I have questions about a for  
>> loop mixed with this test, or the fact that some actions are still  
>> done where there are null buffers.
>> I will check every block later, and find the problem.
> there are at least 4 commits that have touched s_audio_jack.c since 0.45-5.
> - 5ff6366a5ad030ccd83730a14dcadadce943c352
> - ab33f9b23ecd2014ec89d43541b9e4d3c080a424
> - 73362cc6a57d89337815023f1ffc4ee0adc1de55
> - ffd1a20bc8972c84e164d2266960b5d35275e907

> as a first try i would test each of them and see which hs introduced the
> problem (and what was the purpose of the patch).
> since Pd crashes, it should be easy to create an automated test whether
> the problem is there or not - so you can let "git bisect" do all the
> work of finding the problematic commit.

I like the word "simple" ;) Will still take a look on how to run git bisect

> gfmasdr
> IOhannes


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