[PD] Burst of packets.

Chris McCormick chris at mccormick.cx
Thu Feb 18 00:39:13 CET 2016

On 18/02/16 07:33, Chris McCormick wrote:
> On 18/02/16 05:07, Mario Mey wrote:
>> A buddy from a group suggested me to send "bursts of packets" instead
>> only one packet... considering this packet as important.
> If you need guaranteed, ordered delivery from one machine to another
> then you should use TCP sockets instead of UDP sockets. Since you seem
> to be sending directly between two machines this is ideal. In Pd it is
> trivial to set up a TCP connection with [netsend] and [netreceive]. TCP
> has slightly larger overhead than UDP because of the ACKs but I think
> over WiFi you will not notice the difference.

One issue with using a TCP socket is negotiating the initial connection. 
Pd requires you to enter the exact IP address which is a bit cumbersome, 
especially during set up for live performance with Pd. UDP packets on 
the other hand allow you to send in "broadcast" mode. If [netreceive] 
allowed you to obtain the source IP address of incoming broadcast 
packets then it would be possible to use that to negotiate a TCP 
connection back to the source address after doing a "discovery" 
broadcast & reply exchate - kind of like zeroconf/bonjour. I'll have a 
think about a patch to submit to Miller for accomplishing this - should 
be small and simple.




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