[PD] [writesf~] problem

S.E.P. dreamoftheshoreofanotherworld at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 06:30:59 CET 2016

Dear List,

When running the master stereo output of my patch into [writesf~ 2], I
don't hear any crackling while running the patch itself, but I do hear it
when I play back the .wav file (at the same volume). Looking at the task
manager during the recording, I'm not exceeding 13% CPU or 31% memory
usage. I've tried recording 16-, 24- and 32-bit .wav files. Otherwise, I
can note that the sounds in question are contrabass sounds run through a
[vcf_bpc~] filter. The crackling appears at the height of dynamic
envelopes, although, according to the main window's monitor bar (and
in-patch vu-meter), I'm not hitting the amplitude limit. Also, I'm using a
step-wise cue-list to control the patch's progression by pressing the
spacebar. Any idea what the problem might be?

Thanks in advance,
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