[PD] Nettles. Was: Cyclone: List of Issues with existing objects by Alexandre Porres

Derek Kwan derek.x.kwan at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 11:57:45 CET 2016

Hello all,

Long time lurker, first time e-mailer. I get the digest version of these
e-mails so apologies if I'm not responding to the thread correctly.

I'm mostly active on the PD FB group and have been working with Alexandre
on updating cyclone, I've done a control rate pong so far and I'm finishing
up control and audio rate rounds, and he suggested I poke my head in. I
haven't been keeping up with the list that well but he gave me a gist of
the ongoings of this thread.

I used to use OS X mainly and used Max a lot (last version I heavily used
was 6) but about a year/year and a half ago got bit by the open-source bug
in a major way, wiped my hd, installed Ubuntu and never looked back. I do
miss a lot of features of Max (particularly matrixctrl, but I really don't
know how the GUI side of PD works) but at the same time appreciate that PD
is its own beast. I don't quite remember how soundfiles worked in Max, but
I really dig the PD approach to them in that everything is an array and I
like the C-like structs, although I haven't quite utilized them in my own
work quite yet. Maybe it's because PD is more spare object-wise or maybe
it's just that I've had more time to learn about programming and
DSP-related things, but working in PD feels less boxing-glovesy than
working in Max. That being said, I don't necessarily advocate an
object-by-object port of any version of Max, I don't want to see PD become
a Max ripoff, but at the same time I think PD can take a lot of inspiration
from some of the functionality of Max, esp. GUI-wise. Furthermore, it would
be nice to have some of that Max-inspired functionality centered in a
common library easily available to PD users. I remember in older days
making patches for people and just telling them to download PD-extended
since I knew all the objects I used were included in that particular
flavor. Anyways, I digress. I think it'd be a good idea to at least
maintain libraries like Cyclone and make sure that their documentation is
clear and accessible and while we're at it, update Cyclone with some of the
newer Max ideas, either direct ports or inspired by objects. The graphical
programming paradigm and Max have evolved a lot since Max 4 and I don't see
the harm in taking advantage of these new developments and putting them
into PD.



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