[PD] How's Pd (is not) limited?

jamal crawford threen52 at ml1.net
Mon Feb 22 21:29:17 CET 2016

hi list

>* Support for lists is quite limited. Wanna create a multidimentional
>  array? Build your own. Want a hash map? Build your own.

"its not a bug, its a feature" :P

> * Standard GUI objects are ugly ....

thats a matter of taste matey. i think osx and dem abbles are *really*
ugly products

>* PD community uses mailing lists for communications, haha. In order to
>  find useful information I have to view one message per page, with
>  tons of distracting quotes from previous messages.

... and thats the beauty of it, the more you dive, the more you learn...


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