[PD] -path subfolders ?...

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Wed Feb 24 22:46:27 CET 2016

Antoine Rousseau wrote:
> you can use [foo/bar] to call a patch file "bar.pd" located into a
> directory named "foo" which is findable by search paths.

i'm aware of that. but what if there are 50 or more subfolders inside 
the main directory ?

what i was looking for, was a kind of "trick" that i could use to avoid 
having to know and type ALL possible subfolders of a searchpath in the 
PD startup script with the -path switch.

say, i have a series of abstractions or libraries that get dynamically 
loaded and i don't want to put them all into one folder, but into 
several subfolders that make organisation easier.

right now ia have to literally define any subfolder to make sure PD 
finds it. is there any workaround for that ? like special characters ?



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