[PD] How's Max MSP limited? was Re: How's Pd limited?

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 05:39:46 CET 2016

som objects that you'd bet they'd have, but they don't (maybe externals). I
could stop one day and list them all (I'm actually working on a table
comparing objects in Pd x Max & SC).

I know pd vanilla lacks too much of anything, but if you're using extended,
well, there's just a lot in it that max doesn't have. Actually, even some
vanilla features (like the lack of a method to generate a table made of a
sum of sines).

we were also talking about something like [vline~] in Pd vanilla, which is
powerful for sample accurate triggering, but Max doesn't have it.

Oh, pd has no control rate limitation at all, it's what allows vline~ to
achieve sub sample accuracy by the way. But Max's control rate is 2ms by
default and goes only down to 1ms...

I also miss our dear friend [bang~] in max, the workaround to that is too

well, what other limitations? It doesn't run on linux or single board
computers under 10$ like raspberry pi 0 - libpd also takes Pd to weird
places, I foresse the day you might be able to run a pd patch in a toaster

Anyway, everything will have it's limitations. I bet there are tons of
things you can do in SC that you can't do in Max or Pd. But I was shocked
to learn you can't do any sub-block "subpatch" in SC without having to run
the whole beast globally into a block of "1" sample (it probably won't
allow it ever).

that's why I believe so much in investing on a project like cyclone - I
just miss some of those objects, and if I could just steal them - great! I
also fantasize about cloning and stealing SC's very nice set of objects and
bring them to Pd.


2016-02-25 0:20 GMT-03:00 Samuel Burt <composer.samuel.burt at gmail.com>:

> Alexandre,
> Since I haven't used Max in a very long time, maybe you can explain. What
> are the surprising limitations you've discovered with Max MSP?
> Sam
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>> i think there's noyhing in gen that you cant do in pd, it has a small set
>> of objects, but i guess the deal is that it, somehow, makes it more
>> efficient, that's all.
>> i've started studying max/msp recently, and i've found many things lacking
>> in it, more than i would've thought, by the way.
>> cheers
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